My Perfect Containers

I'm not sure there really is any one perfect container. I've always been an organizing fanatic, but I'm also never really satisfied with my methods. I'm ALWAYS trying new things! Finally, I have found something that works for my pantry.

Now, the "perfect" pantry container, I believe, is the "Click 'n Flip" container, sold at www.simplylivingsmart.com - however - they are approx. $5 each. So as I said in my previous post... BABY STEPS!

If you're like me & need to work slowly towards the bigger & better things, you'll want to start cheap! Right? I think I've found a solution!

Look at these containers from Walmart!

They're almost 1 gallon, square, stackable, see through, and the best part... THEY'RE ONLY A DOLLAR! They come in a 2 pack & are in the disposable Glad Lock/Zip Lock containers section (near the kitchen gadgets/cookware section)

I store my basics in these. So far, here's what I keep in these wonderful containers:

Brown Sugar
Powdered Sugar
Powdered Milk
Baking Cocoa
Baking Powder
Corn Starch
Cream Of Wheat (Farina)
Grits (A Southern Thang!)
Quick Oats
Regular Oats
Whole Wheat Flour
Gluten Flour
Bulgur (more on that later)
Pop Corn Kernels
Potato Pearls (scroll down to find out what this is!)
Other Instant Mixes (which I'll also talk about later)

POTATO PEARLS? What are those? They're the next best thing since sliced bread! Maybe? I get mine from my church dry pack cannery OR Costco! They are little pearls of dehydrated mashed/instant potatoes with butter flavor, and they're sooo yummy! My kids love them, and you can even eat them as a snack right out of the box!

Just mix with a little hot water, & they're ready to go! I don't really like instant potatoes, but I LOVE these! They are MUCH better than the typical instant ones. we've even eaten them without gravy, cause they're so good!

In these containers below, I store my dry beans. They're a little more expensive, but they're heavier duty & have a screw on lid & indented sides for easy holding/pouring.

Beans I store in these containers are:

Great White Northern (perfect bean for grinding into flour)
Pinto Beans
Black Beans
Black Eyed Peas
Kidney Beans
Small Red Beans
Garbanzo Beans (Chick Peas)

And finally, we have the good ol' plastic see through shoe box! But those aren't food grade, are they?

Well, good question... A lot of people I've talked to wonder the same thing. Until we know for sure, I don't store open food directly in the boxes. I store packaged items in there... Small things that normally don't have a "place of their own"... You know, those things that get thrown wherever they fit & often lost?

For example:

Soup Mix
Sauce Packets
Seasoning Packets
Ranch Dressing Packets
Shake 'n Bake
Oriental Noodles
Jello Boxes
Kool Aid Packets
Extra Restaurant Condiment Packets

*All of these storage containers are less than $2 each, and let me tell you, I use these items soooo much more, now that they're organized & I can see them! Buy what you can in bulk, & keep enough in these containers to last for about 2-3 months. It's great!


Carla said...

I want to thank you for sharing your post! I'm organizing my kitchen and dry storage area-the container idea is perfect! I'm stocking up on the Walmart ones-again thank you! AND for the pictures-they say it all.

Jenn said...

You are so welcome! I've learned a lot of things from other people, & I want to share what I've learned with MORE people! :O) Organizing my kitchen & pantry has almost changed my life. I have such a better attitude about cooking/baking/food storage. I'm gonna help organize my sister's pantry in September. I can't wait!

Jeanette said...

These are great. I've been looking for good storage containers. I will have to look and see what I can find at my local Wal-mart. Thanks!

Pam @ bibbidi-bobbidi-beautiful said...

Thanks so much- those little walmart containers are exactly what I've been looking for. Do you happen to know for sure if walmart still carries them? BTW- I just found thjis seller on ebay who sells the tall square plastic jars you use for $1.30 each
Thanks for the info!

Cool Grandma said...

I just checked the ebay link and it had the price as over $5 ea. Have they gone up?

Natalie said...

Hi...first time visitor to your blog..was searching for the click and flip containers sold on the simplylivingsmart for cheaper and found you...I am running to Walmart right now! Thank you! They look fabulous!