Failed Bread

My bread didn't rise. It's only happened a couple of times, but it's REALLY annoying! I stood there staring at it thinking what a waste. Then, I had one of those little light bulb moments.

I started rolling out balls of the dough flat. Then I 'fried' them in a frying pan, just like tortillas. Homemade flat bread! 3 failed loaves of bread made over 60 flat breads, & they were a huge hit :) It was great!

The flat bread from the store is way expensive, & it doesn't taste very great to me. These were yummy, just like homemade bread, & they work for all kinds of things...

Meat sandwiches, PB&J sandwiches, personal pizza, burritos, munchy snack...

A little extra honey makes them sweet & awesome with a little homemade jam too - YUM!

The tall stack is the dough (rolled out)... before being cooked. After they were cooked, they went straight into the gallon bag to stay soft.

They freeze great too!

(You don't have to wait for your bread to fail before making them!...)

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