Talk about a dream for being prepared! Imagine baking fresh bread or cookies when the power is out! And imagine toting this awesome stove/oven to a church or neighborhood BBQ, or to go camping, or to a family reunion!

Now you can with the Outdoor Camp Oven! Don't let its compact size fool you. The Outdoor Camp Oven features over 14,000 total BTU's, the twin burners and spacious oven have plenty of power to get your cooking/baking done right. This stove's folding lid and carrying handles were designed with portability in mind. This camp oven is loaded with features. It is just perfect for your cabin, summer camping, or RV.

* Matchless Igniter burners
* Stainless steel construction
* Nonstick enamel cooking surface
* Oven thermometer
* 2 oven racks.
* Powered by a disposable 1 lb propane tank - Can be adapted to use a bulk tank

Specs: Range 5,300 BTU's per burner, Oven 3,500 BTU's per hour
Top burner dimensions 12 x 21
Inside Oven dimensions W 16" x H 10" x L 10"
Top oven heat 400° degrees
Weight 35 lbs

Pefect for muffins, cookies, casseroles, and Dutch oven dishes.
In charge of girls camp this year?
Simplify your life with the Outdoor Camp Oven.

My favorite online place... www.simplylivingsmart.com sells these, & their customer service is great!

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Carla said...

I'm in love!!! Hubby and I are looking for a camp stove-thank you for the link! (I'm copying your "I know that my Redeemer lives")